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 Server Upgrade! •   Larstiq
 7 •  6 days ago

As many people have noticed in our server, lagg often suffers. This was very annoying, because you could not normally play smoothly on our server.

Since today we have upgraded our servers to a stronger server, and we hope to have less lag within the game.

If there are any problems, we would like to hear this.

 Lottery! •   Larstiq
 11 •  8 days ago

Have you always wanted to have a lot of money in the server? Have you always wanted to buy that special block in the server shop? Or secretly bragging because you are the richest at NetheriteMC? Which can!

From now on it is possible to participate in the server lottery every hour! Via /lottery buy (with a maximum of 10 tickets) you can participate in the lottery! A ticket costs 25k of which 20K goes to the pot!

Are you the lucky winner, and will you be the richest at NetheriteMC?

Good luck!

 /shop has been added! •   Larstiq
 11 •  9 days ago

Yes people! The shop is finally in the game! With a lot of fun categories full of items and blocks, you can enjoy yourself in the near future! Below I have added a list of shop categories that are currently in the shop, and that are not yet included but will be coming soon!

You can use the shop via /shop ingame!

Categories that are in the shop or will be in the feature


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